Driving on ice and snow is a fact of life for Vermonters.  If you have to drive in slippery conditions, here are 5 tips for driving on Vermont’s icy roads to help you stay safe and avoid accidents:

  1. Slow Down!  Speed is an invitation for trouble on slippery roads.
  2. Increase your following distance.  Slippery roads make stopping distances much longer.  By increasing the distance between you and the car ahead, you will decrease your chances of an accident.
  3. Watch the road for Black Ice and Slippery Spots.  If the road looks slippery, it probably is.  Test traction with a smooth brake application.  Remember ice forms on bridges, shady spots, gullies, and high elevations first.
  4. Go Easy on your Brakes & Steering.  Avoid sudden braking and steering to maintain control of your car.  Braking can trigger a slide or skid.  If a skid occurs, steer into it.
  5. Be prepared.  Wear your seat belt!  Clear your car of snow and ice which decreases visibility.  Be sure you have good winter tires, wiper blades and keep your car filled with gas and antifreeze.

Be Safe!