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A birth injury is one of the most devastating experiences a family can undergo. Although some birth injuries occur even under proper obstetrical care, there are instances where they are preventable. If an error on the part of a medical professional caused an injury to your child, we are here to offer the assertive and results driven representation you need. We understand the emotional challenges that accompany birth injuries and we offer compassionate representation and assistance in navigating this difficult time.

As your birth injuries lawyer, we can help you sort out the complexities involved in your injury claim. If your care provider was negligent during labor and delivery, severe birth defects can result such as shoulder dystocia, Cerebral palsy, brain damage, Erb’s palsy, and other medical complications. If the baby did not receive sufficient oxygen while the mother was experiencing contractions, and no medical intervention was performed by the nurses or doctors, this can cause lasting brain damage for the newborn. Your attorney from our law office will discuss the details of your birth injury claim to determine negligence and move forward in establishing a case for you.

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The law office of Affolter Gannon offers passionate representation for families affected by birth injuries. We are here to gather evidence on your behalf and develop an effective legal strategy for your case. FOR PASSIONATE REPRESENTATION IN BIRTH INJURY CLAIMS: Call Affolter Gannon for a Free Consultation at 802-878-2797 or use our online contact form.